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Cashless tolling reduces stop-and-go traffic and idling at toll booths thus improves air quality, fuel efficiency and time savings. It also heightens motorist and employee safety through the elimination of merging and weaving.
The toll agency will capture your license plate image and send you a toll violation or “Toll By Mail” bill in the mail which will cost you more.
Unytag allows you to use toll roads and pay the lower tag rate without the need to have a pre-paid toll account with the toll agency. We only charge your method of payment when you drive through the toll lane. Unytag ensures your toll fees are paid so you don’t receive a toll violation bill.
As the vehicle passes under the toll plaza the overhead reader sends an RF signal downward. The first Unytag that responds to the signal will be charged for the toll. We recommend placing the phone of the person intending to pay for the toll on the driver side dashboard and placing all other phones with active Unytags away from the dashboard. Only one tag will be charged for the toll.
The Unytag Trip History report will display near real time information about all toll events a customer has passed through.
Unytag batches all the toll fees you incurred during the day and charges your method of payment for the tolls plus the transaction fees at the end of the day.
Unytag will dispute the toll charge on your behalf and seek either documentation of the toll charge or a refund of any incorrectly charged tolls. You no longer have to deal with the toll agencies directly.

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