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Lappin Hammond

Lappin Hammond

Title: CTO

Technologist, strategist, leader, engineer, musician, jokester, entrepreneur

Lappin Hammond has over 22 years of experience in systems and software engineering, product development, business development and market strategy across diverse industries and technologies including artificial intelligence, camera vision, military and civilian telecommunications, mobile marketing, big-data analytics, and more.

Prior to returning to Atlanta to start his consultancy 2 Owls Technology, Lappin honed his technical, entrepreneurial and leadership skills in Palo Alto where he contributed to the success of a number of high-profile Silicon Valley startups.

Lappin now advises nationally on the topics he knows best: innovation, lean-startup and how to scale a growing enterprise. The 2 Owls approach that Lappin teaches is built around planned growth and practiced efficiency while ensuring a maniacal corporate commitment to a culture of personal development and collaborative innovation.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and dog, picking his guitar and operating Ham radio on custom-built software-defined radios.

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