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IBBTA Austin 2022
Fareed Zein September 20, 2022 0 Comments

The IBTTA (the International Bridge, Tunnels, and Turnpike Association) 90th annual meeting and exhibition was held in Austin September 18-20, 2022. A world-class industry educational and networking event where tolling industry leaders gather to network, share insights and strategies, and ultimately strengthen the entire industry. Key takeaways from this year’s conference include:

  • Technology will continue to drive excellence in toll operations, improving safety, increasing cashflow and reducing transaction cost. Toll agencies are exploring technologies in areas like sustainability, connectivity, operational awareness, and customer service. Top technologies being considered are In-vehicle telematics, Sensing and Detection, Cellular V2X, Mobile Payments and Blockchain.
  • Empowered consumers require business agility. Their demand for simpler and more consumer centric payment options will create more opportunity for 3rd party payment providers like Unytag to optimize front end payments and reduce revenue leakage for toll agencies.
  • Greater attention to inclusiveness, affordability and lowering the entry barriers for customers as inflation diminishes people’s purchasing power.
  • Increased focus on community renewal and reinvestment projects especially for communities and small businesses that have been impacted by highway construction in the past.